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What is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)?

AAC is a pre-cast, concrete building material made of cement-based, non-organic components that are available in large building blocks and reinforced or unreinforced panels, planks and special elements. It is a cellular, lightweight and structural material that has thermal and acoustic insulation as well as fire, mold and insect resistance. Almost every portion of the structural and insulation requirements of a building can be satisfied with AAC. AAC is claimed to be the only viable, single component and structural insulation system available. Building walls, floors and roofs can be constructed with AAC allowing excellent design flexibility, quick construction and reduced waste.

The History of AAC

AAC was developed in Europe in 1923 with commercial production beginning in 1930. AAC products have been used for construction projects worldwide since the 1920s in different climatic conditions ranging from the severe cold in northern Japan and Europe, to the hot and humid regions of South America, and to the far east hot and dry climates of Australia and the Middle East.

Learn About Our Hebel-Tel Building System

Alamo System Industries, Inc. uses the best techniques and technologies available today to provide unequivocal construction needs and solutions for multiple projects within multiple industries. One such method is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). We use this whenever possible as it provides the structural insulation needed to make a specific project's design one that will be reliable and time-effective for the client.

The Hebel-Tel Building System can be utilized for various projects and design specifications that include:

  • Metal Structures
  • Floor and Roof Planks
  • Fire Walls
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Curtain Walls
  • Warehousing

Common Applications

Here are some examples where Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is most commonly applied. The detailed list includes infrastructure such as hotels, warehousing, and retail shopping centers.

Hebel Metal Structures

Hebel Metal Structures

  • Limited Service Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Nursing Homes
  • Dormitories
Floor/Roof Planks

Floor/Roof Planks

  • Factory quality control
  • STC of up to 50
  • Apply finishes directly to Hebel AAC
  • Let us show you how to save money on your roofing cost
Fire Walls

Fire Walls

  • 2 inches of Hebel AAC equals 2 hours of fire rating
  • Stairwells
  • Elevator shafts
  • Office to warehouse separation wall
Retail Shopping Centers

Retail Shopping Centers

  • Easy to add on
  • 2 inches Hebel AAC provides a 2 hour rated wall assembly
  • Shapes and score patterns are endless
  • Faster construction
Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls

Architecturally Finished Panels
  • Custom built for your project
  • Ready to receive MEP rough ins
  • Ready to receive insulation and gypsum board
  • Any plaster finish can be achieved.


  • Spaces in need of high thermal values
  • Eve heights up to 60 feet
  • Endless score patterns and revels
  • Future expansion
  • Spaces in need high sound reductive materials to absorb noisy equipment
  • 15% faster construction than typical tilt wall

Hebel Benefits

Hebel AAC products are often recognized as one of the most environmentally sustainable building materials available. Combining lower materials and energy usage in manufacturing with a range of environmental benefits, we offer environmentally friendly results.

Hebel Benefits

Fire Proof:

Hebel AAC product is the perfect solution for fire safety. It is noncombustible and offers up to 4 hours of protection against fires – the highest fire rating in the industry.


Hebel AAC products breathe, allowing the diffusion of moisture vapor, which helps moderate moisture levels within a building, by automatically absorbing and releasing moisture.


Structures made with Hebel AAC are durable and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions.

Energy Saving:

Hebel AAC thermal insulation properties significantly reduces heating and cooling costs.


The finished product is completely natural, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


HEBEL AAC is extremely quick to install on-site because of its lightweight nature and excellent workability.


Hebel AAC products are often recognized as one of the most environmentally sustainable building materials available. Combining lower materials and energy usage in manufacturing with a range of environmental benefits, we offer environmentally friendly results.


HEBEL AAC products are completely versatile and can be cut into any shape or angle for use in a wide range of construction applications such as blocks for constructing load-bearing and non-bearing walls, roof, wall and floor panels, to site and sound walls.


HEBEL AAC products can be sawn, drilled, and nailed using normal wood working tools, greatly increasing on-site productivity and creativity.


By-products of AAC production, including harden AAC waste and unhardened AAC mixture, are recycled back into the production process.


An established quality control program and stringent production tolerance allows builders to achieve optimal structural performance.


Hebel AAC is approximately 1/4 of the weight of traditional concrete, saving in freight and construction costs.

Construction Photos

Here you can view a few of our portfolio images taken during the construction process. Featured in these images are Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels.

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Independent Cost Comparison for Hilton Embassy Suites

Provided are a few documents which give show you the actual cost comparison for our friends at the Hilton Embassy Suites in Laredo.

6 story 136,000 sf room tower, 195 Rooms
Results by Lyda Swinerton Inc. of San Antonio Texas

Architects and Engineers

Hebel AAC General Information

An Introduction to Hebel AAC-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete With today’s demand for environmentally sustainable construction, visionary architects and builders are relying on the timeless strength and versatility of Hebel AAC. This solid building material delivers the advantages of energy efficient building and environmentally responsible construction, including improved air quality and lower insulation expenses.

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Hebel – Fire Resistant

Building materials that go through the fire for you. Thanks to its unique properties, HEBEL AAC keeps people and property safe – even in the event of a fire.

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Static R Values

Static thermal resistance values (“static R values) of a 1” thick sample of Hebel AAC tested at per ASTM C518-04 “Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus.”

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Hebel AAC Technical Specifications

In order to create a working design that best fits your construction efforts, Hebel AAC Technical Specifications must be as accurate as possible. Leaving no room for error will ensure that your project will be completed on-time, within budget and with careful consideration. We will not overlook the intricacies and attention to detail that such meticulous work requires. Know that your project will remain within acceptable boundaries for a satisfactory conclusion.

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